The Friday Fives

1. What won’t you miss of 2020?
The safer at home – shelting in place. i get it. This virus is ugly and mean and deadly but I am so bored – the fun of zoom calls is over. The joy of binging on the latest is now ho hum. I have read more in these last nine months than I did as a lit. major in college. Let’s get back to weekend brunches and find that elusive second place.

2. What will you be eagerly anticipating
The eviction of Trump and eradication of this virus.

3. Are you gonna get vaccinated?
Absolutely. Right now if I could. In Summit County they are doing drive through vaccinations – that is what I’m talking about!

4. Anyone you know really affected by this Damn virus!
Yes, a dear friend, a couple of coworkers, a former college professor have all had it – on f my direct reportss at work had it twice and another took his own life as a result of lonliness during the quarantine. Let’s end this thin.

5. Worst thing of 2020? Best thing of 2021 so far.
2020: The Trump Virus and his ugly Q-anon supporters. 2020: This yummy breakfas danish some one brought in.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Being away from my wife and dogs. It’s like an entirely different life having them around.

    2) The things Roy mentioned and graduating in August and getting a job and starting a new career.

    3) Fuck yes! The sooner the better.

    4) Yes many friends, family members and coworkers.

    5) 2020- being alone and isolated during the toughest thing I’ve ever done, school.
    2021- great walks with the dogs and an off leash dog beach.

  2. 1) I won’t miss missing most things outside of my house and immediate family.

    2) My business to pick up. The added stress of money making is a bit much right now.

    3) Yes.

    4) All sorts. The only deaths are relatives of friends of extended family.

    5) The apathy that has invaded my very being. It is hard to be motivated in any sense. I could play video games for hours without condemnation.

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