The Friday Fives

1. Fan’s of Queen’s Gambit – what’s your favorite thing about chess?
No easy answers – you have to plot and think ahead and it is nearly impossible to beat the computer.

2. What is the grossest thing you have ever seen at work?
We used to do these home inspections of our work from home teams at one of my jobs in the early days of working virtually. This one dude had gallon milk jugs full of urine lined up along a wall – I never asked and never did figure that one out.

3. What would your last meal be if you were on death row?
My mom’s lasagna recipe with homemade French onion soup as a starter and raspberry cheesecake for dessert.

4. If history was a TV show what would be some cliches?
A random Frenchman shouting surrender and Richard III running around looking for a horse.

5. What jobs does society actually not need?
Social Media influencers and Kardashians.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Variation of the core game, like finger chess. Set up the board traditionally. Then each player takes turn finger flicking the pieces at the other side. The pieces that get knocked over are the flicking player’s prize. The last one with a piece standing wins.

    2) Well, at my last agency job we used to create the grossest contests and then pool money to encourage people to participate. So, there was this one office chair that had some really curious and, most likey, ass stains on it. The challenge was to see if someone would lick it at least three times. We got more than $60 and someone did step up and lick that ass-stained chair three times. Cha ching.

    3) An entire authentic NYC pizza with the best pepperoni and hand made Italian sausage money could buy.

    4) Bondage of all sorts, both literal and metaphorical.

    5) Executive managers and directors. Middle managers are work horses and know what’s going on and can handle any relationships. the next level is just a waste of money and pretty much everybody’s time.

  2. 1) I like a normal game of chess but if the abilities are too widely apart I have seen a set of cards that go with the chess game called nightmare chess. It allows basic players to play with very good players by altering the game enough to make it different.

    2) Ummm I feel like I have an u fair advantage in this question. So I’ll give you one of them. A guy had a heart attack and died in his hot tub. Nobody found him for three days, about 76 hours. Now if you ever boiled a.chicken, what happens when you. Go to pull it out of the water? The firefighters didn’t think and went to pull him out of the water by grabbing his arms and pull. After doing the slow roll and boil for that time he was Sous Vie’d and the meat just fell off the bones both arms popped off and his body sank back into the big pot of human soup.

    3) A big ‘ol bacon cheeseburger, pile of crispy fries and a gigantic Oreo shake.

    4) Black Plague deniers. Spoiler alert they all die as well.

    5) Auto dealership sales people. Completely useless.

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