The Friday Fives

1. Today is Friday the 13th of 2020. What horrible things are happening today?
Well, the first two weeks were kind of rocky, but things seem pretty good today. Thank you, Arizona.

2. Was Friday the 13th ever the thing at any job or school classroom?
I recall at work once some team member trying to organize everyone in the office to wear all black on that day – but I don’t recall if that was successful.

3. Are you superstitious?
Not really, no. Things happen because they happen. Is karma the same as superstitious?

4. Do you have any superstitious family members or friends?
Not in my immediate friend circle, no.

5. Do you like watching horror movies?
Not at all – too much tension and schlock. I need a good British cozy crime drama or “Friends” binge to get the oogies out of my brain.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) That the future of our democracy is still up in the air.

    2) Sure was. When I lived n Seattle, the building I worked in didn’t have a 13th floor, but the threw a building party on all Friday the 13ths to celebrate…weird…I think it’s what started QAnon.

    3) Nope.

    4)Not really. A couple of fairly religious ones, which in my book equates to superstitious.

    5) Here and there. I used to always go to them, but now it takes a really unique one to bring me to watch it. Lovecraft COuntry was a really interesting horror series. I think Jordan Peele might be the only horror creator that is worth watching right now.

  2. 1) That no matter what is determined as far as our next president this country is in bad shape. It’s embarrassing that our only options are a narcissistic, power-thirsty bully and a man who would normally be put in a care facility by his family if he wasn’t a politician. This is really the best we can do?

    2) Nope.

    3) No, but I have a little OCD in me. Does that count?

    4) Nope.

    5) Yep, and I feel the 70s produced the scariest films of all times (The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Alien). Nowadays everything is a remake, so I can’t really recall a recent horror movie that delivered. A24 studio movies are trying (The Witch, Hereditary, Midsommar, The Lighthouse), but it’s too artsy and the endings are stupid. Horror movies should be fun.

  3. 1) People are dying due to taking their own life. The ones I’m focusing on are the stressed out healthcare workers that have and are being pushed beyond their breaking point by the COVID crisis. The reluctance to take even the simplest of safety measures by some screams, “we don’t care”, to these people pushing themselves with 12 hour shifts in double masks and gowns, canceled vacations and extra hours to make sure someone is there to care for these patients.

    2) Healthcare Friday the 13th is always a day full of odd encounters.

    3) Nope.

    4) Not that they have ever mentioned. I like Tony’s answer.

    5) Nope, they make me laugh and are disappointing to me.

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