The Friday Fives

1. What product that you loved stopped getting made?

Nabisco Heyday Bars – a wafer cookie dipped in caramel, then covered in chocolate and coated with peanuts. So yummy. They are no longer.

2. What is the last thing you wrote using pen and paper?

I did a crossword puzzle in a book on paper with a pencil just yesterday.

3. Who is that asshole dentist who does not recommend Colgate toothpaste?

Being a member of a Crest family, I have never given this much consideration but perhaps the lab folks over at Colgate ought to dive in and reevaluate their product as they have made no inroads into the dentist choice world in decades.

4. What is the best thing you’ve added or changed to make your living space more bearable during months stuck at home?

I spent about $300.00 or so on a decent office chair and it made a world of difference.

5. What did you learn because of Covid-19?

See the illustration above. With no masks there is about 70% chance of transmissio. If both parties are wearing a mask, the chance of transmission is around .05% – this is so simple to grasp.

4 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) ROund the Corner Restaurants had a San Francisco Grilled Cheese sandwich, with pickles, tomatoes and mayo. Holy gawd that was good, and you got to order from your table on a phone. Would of been perfect these days.

    2) Every day I use my spiral notebook and pen to write notes and to do lists at my desk.

    3) I only wish the same recommendation was against tRump. 4 out of 5 registered voters recommend NOT voting for the orange asshole. We already see that one voter who is on the TT.

    4) I bought bigger screens for my dual monitor situation and mounted them to the wall.

    5) That the poor choices of others are only making COVID last longer for me and my circle. That kind of selfish bullshit really pisses me off.

  2. 1) Necco wafers. If you’re not familiar, these were disk-shaped candies that were almost like chalk if it had flavor. Necco is mostly known for creating conversation hearts on Valentine’s day, but the year-round wafers were pretty decent IMO.

    2) Ransom note. I mean, ideas. I keep a small notepad next to my bed and I jot down random stuff if something pops up after I wake up screaming each night.

    3) He’s the guy/woman who has to bring their f***ing dog everywhere. Since when did this become a thing? If you need an exact name though, it’s Tom.

    4) A 62-inch tv screen. The one silver lining to the pandemic, there are sales on just about everything.

    5) That people panic easily and that charity/selflessness ends the second another boogeyman makes headlines. Also, while the experts are telling us to wear masks and social distance, they need to go one step further and demand that people start taking better care of themselves with proper diet and exercise. This is something none of the experts are talking about as far as what’s making people more vulnerable to this stupid CoVid.

  3. 1) Zagnut candy bars. I loved those and haven’t seen one in decades.

    2) I have a small notebook that I jot down notes about cases I’m doing throughout the day. I also write cards to people and mail them with an actual stamp!

    3) They all originally recommended Colgate but then with a reasonable payment, a new car and a couple of visits from escorts and that’s how they got that one dentist to flip.

    4) I bought some memory foam slippers for around the house.

    5) How many selfish, self centered individuals there are out there that refuse to do even the simplest of things to possibly protect their fellow countrymen.

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