The Friday Fives

1. Ketchup – do you put it on eggs? On beef steaks?

No. But I highly recommend sriracha sauce on eggs – and if you can find it at Costco – Bitchin’ Sauce is yummy on eggs.

2. French Fries – do you put them in the sandwich or the hamburger?

I put French Fries inside my hamburger’s sometimes and for a sandwich, I highly recommend adding some super crispy potato chips.

3. What is a food that you can’t understand why people don’t like it?

Tofu – Properly prepared. (I like mine really crispy on the outside and cream cheese like on the inside. )

4. What is the easiest recipe you know how to make?
Basted eggs and toast. The entire mail takes about 3 and a half minutes – maybe longer depending on how soft the butter for the toast is.

5. What food did you hate as a kid and now love?
Asparagus. I never ate it as a kid but in France once I had an asparagus and cheese omelet and that changed my world.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) I can do ketchup on eggs and beef steaks, but it is rare and only if I need a change from the original taste of the foods and stuffs.

    2) No. I don’t think it’s weird, except only tRump supporters do it.

    3) Spicy food. I only understand if digestively one can’t handle spicy food, but otherwise, only tRump supporters don’t like spicy food.

    4) I have become a pretty darn good master of gluten and lactose-free recipes due to my son’s limitations. I can whip up a ground chicken shepherd’s pie in about 30 minutes. Also, the easiest recipe for a better future is to not elect tRump.

    5) I didn’t really hate anything, but my food world was relatively limited. I suppose, since my Mom was from Seattle and loved Salmon, that would be something I was not a fan of as a young buck. But now, I poach it, I smoke it, I bake it, I eat it raw. Oh mah gawd, the world without Salmon is like a world with tRump as a president.

  2. 1) not on eggs. I’m ok with it on beefsteak but not a first choice.

    2) I like my fries salty and crispy and in the side.

    3) I’m a picky eater. I know looking at me it’s hard to believe. So I understand why people don’t like certain foods and would never look down upon them for it.

    4) I’m a big fan of a good ‘ol PB&J, extra crunchy peanut butter and preferably smackers raspberry jelly.

    5) I didn’t like turkey of all things. I know stupid kid, right? But I like a good turkey dinner now.

  3. 1) Ketchup on eggs? Um … no. I’m a scrambled guy. Plus no need to remind me what the floor of the chicken cage looked like after a natural delivery.

    2) Fries on the outside. Shoo fly shoo.

    3) I’m a straight-forward meat-n-taters guy, so mostly I have problems understanding why people choose to eat certain foods. Like braunschweiger.

    4) Easiest recipe … chicken breast. Pop it in the air fryer. Done.

    5) Asparagus. Hated vegetables as a kid.

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