The Friday Fives

Gonzo Edition:

1. What innocent item gets suspicious if you buy too much of it?
Case lots of Vaseline

2. For 24 hours, you literally shit gold. What food/restaurants do you eat to maximize your 24hr earning potential?
Taco Bell and gummy bears.

3. If your pet could suddenly speak, what would be the creepiest thing it could say?
“Dude, seriously – you have to stop touching yourself like that”

4. What’s a good reason to be drunk at church?
Celebrating the messiah with a messiah-tai

5. If your mind got transferred into a cat. What would you do?
Oh, it is celebratory naps every day, all day, every day. Naps, naps, naps.

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Duct tape

    2) Casa Bonita, Chubby’s and sugar free gummy bears.

    3) I lick you when your sleeping.

    4) Increased tolerance of the holy bull shit.

    5) I’m on board with excessive naps but additionally the nuzzling and motor boating of whatever boobs I want and being thought cute for it would be a bonus.

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