The Friday Fives

1. How closely do you think good manners are related to income and social status?
Very much so. Maybe not social status but stable consistent income, not just gobs of money, as well as a stable family with a stable routine, tend to raise families with good manners and social skills.

2. Can the idea of good manners inhibit people’s natural sense of fun and inhibition?
I don’t think so. Sure we may hold back sometimes but maybe sometimes not always going for the uninhibited comment, action or reaction is a good thing.

3. Do people have more manners now or in earlier times?
As an entire society – yes, we are all more mannerly, more considerate to one another. When we watch the news and we see the craziness going on, we think all is lost but we live in the best times this world has ever known with the highest economic prosperity for everyone. Sure there are inequities that can be addressed but we are not living in the dark ages anymore.

4. Do you say “hi” to people even if they are strangers? Why? Why not?
Yeah, I do. I don’t do this in the city but in rural Colorado visits I also wave at the cars and trucks that I encounter – a that is the socially polite thing to do.

5. Do you listen to other’s people conversations on the street?
Eavesdropping is great – and in keeping with this week’s questions, not really polite. I miss taking the public transit into work for the eavesdropping and people watching each morning and evening.

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  1. 1) Not at all. I have encountered some of the poorest people who had nothing and no one and they were the most polite and generous of anyone.

    2) They may filter them a bit but not prevent nor inhibit.

    3) Earlier.

    4) Yup, I say hello to lots of people I don’t know. In fact under my grump old man costume I’m one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

    5) On the street not as much but in the hospital and in the grocery store, heck yes!

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