The Friday Fives

1. What is your favorite, very creepy fact?

The word creepy is what makes this a difficult question. Probably have to go with something from the animal world – like those fesh that live in the deep ocean and are allowed to live like parasites attached to the bodies of bigger fish. The odd and creepy circle of life.

2. What are you sick of explaining?

How I got the scar on my face as a young child. It’s why I wear a beard.

3. What purchase was worth every penny?

Sure there is my car – 12 year’s old and under 100,000.00. But I don’t drive much these days. Work from home and when / if we go back to the office it is bus and light rail to downtown. But I am going to go with my Bang & Olfsen A! speakers. Casting to them with a smartphone app I have the best stereo I have evr had with two little speakers with arena-filling sound. Magnificent.

4. What simple, daily habit changed your life?

Doing the New York Times crossword puzzle everyday. I am not perfect at it yet, but I do pretty good. Changed my life by forcing me awake and to think each morning.

5. What’s your biggest “I just dodged a bullet” moment?

Probably the time I was coming home from a work holiday party down in South Aurora and got pulled over by an Arapahoe County Sheriff and was allowed to go on home – rather than the inevitable DUI charge that I definitely deserved. Shame on me.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) The average adult has ten times more bacteria than human cells living in their body.

    2) What annAnesthesiologist Assistant is and does.

    3) Brooks Glycerine 17 shoes for work. They’re like walking in clouds.

    4) a heaping tablespoon of Metamucil every morning. My poops are like a dream.

    5) Ran a call on a person shot. Got there ahead of police to discover a member of the Sons if Silence biker gang shot. His comrades decided that they were going to block traffic and gave us a biker escort to the hospital blocking intersections and traffic for us. Totally surreal, thank goodness my skills were on that day and my partner called ahead on the police channel for officers to meet us at the ER. All persons involved survived.

  2. 1) Your butthole is cleaner than your mouth.

    2) Why I am friends with Roy and Greg.

    3) I, too, would go with my Honda Ridgeline. But unlike Roy, I am closing in on 200,000 miles and it still kicks the ever-loving shit out of any other vehicle I have owned.

    4) Taking a walk in the morning, even on the coldest of days.

    5) Let’s see…wrecking my motorcycle doing 80 MPD and living, broken, but living. Watching a 2000 lb. bomb go bouncing down hill right next to me and not exploding or smashing me like a bug. Being impaled by a 4 ft. bar through my scrotum and having it hit my pelvic bone and stopping versus becoming a human popsicle. I live a charmed life sometimes.

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