The Friday Fives

1. You can only add two things to freshly cooked rice, what do you add?
Easy – a life long snack – rice, butter, and an ample glug of soy sauce. Salty umami

2. What was the worst thing you had ever smelled?
Cow manure freshly laid down on a cabbage field in a farm in Stuttgart, Germany. There is earthy and, then there is overkill.

3. What meal is better as leftovers as opposed to the day it was cooked?
Most Italian dishes but I am going with lasagne.

4. What is your best home-prepared entree that rivals any restaurant?
I found this chicken chili stew recipe that has spicy chilies and savory spices like cinnamon and allspice. Served with toasted almonds and unsweetened whipped cream.

5. What is a kitchen aroma that sends you back to a special time and place?
Freshly cooked bread reminds me of my mom’s kitchen growing up – she baked bread probably two or three times a month and it was divine.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Left over rice usually means there is some leftover hot and sour soup, just mix, nuke and enjoy.

    2) Raw sewage on an aircraft carrier. Ain’t nothing that smells as bad as 6,000 people’s shit on a floating city.

    3) Definitely Italian food. But Many slow cooker recipes are better after they have cooled and matured in the refrigerator.

    4) Probably my smoked chicken or my enchiladas.

    5) Baked desserts, cookies cakes…growing up I never had store-bought goodies, only homemade.

  2. 1. I’m a fan of fried rice dishes. Throw in a few beaten eggs and some frozen peas and you’ve got a good start.

    2. A poop covered gentleman on the Paris Metro in August. So very smelly.

    3. In addition to baked pasta dishes, hearty stews are generally better the next day.

    4. I’ll keep it simple. Perfect pan-seared salmon. I will probably never order salmon in a restaurant again as I can probably do it as well if not better.

    5. Frying bacon. It brings me back to summer weekends spent at my grandparent’s house as a kid. My Grandpa would get up early and start the bacon and coffee.

  3. 1) Add in a bag of birds eye steamers mixed veggies and some chicken.

    2) Due to life circumstances I feel I have an advantage in this one. I will go with the homeless gentleman that while resting in his own urine and excrement with his gangrenous lower leg accidentally set himself on fire. So burning rotten man with feces and urine for the win. Didn’t even mention the dry chem extinguisher that a “helper” decided to spray all over the poor bastard.

    3) A good green chili. give it time for all the flavors to marinate together and reveal one another it is magical.

    4) I make a breaded baked chicken that is delightful.

    5) Garlic bread tasing in the oven brings back the anticipation of a good spaghetti dinner. yummm.

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