The Friday Fives

1. Where is the most beautiful nature in your area?

Tough question – I live in Colorado there is so much but there is a nice beautiful wilderness up near Crested Butte that has this spectacular meadow of wildflowers that will take your breath away.

2. Does your household grow some of its own food?

No. I am an apartment dweller with little to no southeast exposure so getting ample sun is difficult.

3. Do you recycle or repurpose a lot, a little, or somewhere in between?

I should recycle – I don’t. Again, as an apartment dweller the way to do it in my complex is not easy – it’s not like a house where you can wheel the recyclables to the curb for pick up. Maybe this will be a new “At Home” project to get better at this.

4. What do you think the most endangered part of the Earth is?

The oceans. The sea is the big band-aid that is supposed to balance out the environment and the atmosphere. When the band-aid is sick, we are all sick.

5. What is the single best way for an individual to help the environment?
Drive less. Take your tote bags to the grocery store and where available use renewable energy.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Sitting on top of any of the 14r’s in Colorado will give anyone living in the state a new appreciation for where we live.

    2) This year, with isolation, yes. WE have two squash plants going strong and two tomato plants from which we have already harvested some fruit.

    3) We try to do as much as possible. All recycling goes into a pickup bin. Whether it actually gets recycled is a news story in itself. Pre-COVID we used only cloth and mesh bags for our shopping, taking virtually no plastic bags from the stores. But now, it has all gone down the drain with reusable bags not allowed. So we take the plastic bags to the various parks around us to fill up the doggy pop bag dispensers.

    4) Probably the human race. The earth will rebound once it gets rid of most or all of us human ants ravaging it.

    5) Turn off everything, drive less (thanks COVID) and stay away from plastic bags and other retail plastics stuff, like straws.

  2. 1) The beaches, beautiful at sunrise having been “groomed” by the tractor the night before. The beach chairs stacked in their own little towers of relaxation. Then when the people come, the oh so many beautiful tan young people wearing the minimalist of swimwear, truly a beautiful sight to behold.

    2) Nope, no time and no space in my lousy 1 bedroom apartment.

    3) When we had a house we did. Since being in my apartment, sadly no.

    4) I agree with Tony, humanity is doing everything it can to remove itself from the planet. The earth has survived ice ages, volcanoes, floods and fires. The earth is going to go right on ticking once human fuck up bad enough and are all wiped out.

    5) Stop using plastics as much as possible.

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