Well, That Wasn’t Encouraging

A sign of the job market today came in the form of the only interview I have had for months – and it was for a temp to hire position for a job about 18 miles from home – about a 35 minute drive. And the swellest part – it only pays $11.50 an hour. I am at a loss right now what to do. I have time to decide if I want it, there is an “informational” interview sometime Thursday or Friday. And I am positive the job is mine to turn down. But I have no more unemployment insurance money for a bit until an extension is approved, so I imagine I must take it. And with it step back in time to what I was getting paid in 1996. I should be happy but I am miserable. I must be doing something wrong to only be eligible for some crappy $11.50/hour entry level position. Either that or I suck. I haven’t figured it out. But I have a new bottle of gin and soon it just won’t matter – at least for a few hours.