The Friday Fives

1. What is your favorite thing to drink on a hot day?
Ice tea is a fav. Lot’s of ice and with some artificial sweetener (the pink stuff) yeah, yeah, I have heard it all about the Sweet and Low connection to cancer in rats, but I am not a rat and I don’t drink gallons and gallons of tea in a day so I think I am good. It is odd, though – I only use sweet and lo in iced tea but not for anything else.

2. What superstitions do you have?
I am not too superstitious. Really at all.

3. What is your favorite pen to write with and why?
I am really fond of the Pilot Precise P-500 gel pen, fine point.

4. What books have you read or been reading during the Pandemic?
“The Great Influenza” a history of the 1918 flu and the maturation of American medicine and science. And John Scalzi’s “The Last Emporex.”

5. MTV has decided to resurrect playing music videos and they’ve decided to give you a two-hour space to program your favorite music on air. What do you air? Bruce Springsteen, Life from Passaic, NJ. A classic early videotaped Boss concert that all of the world should see.

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  1. 1) I’m a big fan of the ICE drinks. They’re sugar free and caffeine free and are fruity and bubbly what’s not to love?

    2) No real superstitions.

    3) paper mate ink joy gel pen.

    4) Morgan & Mikhail’s Clinical Anesthesiology

    5) All live concert performances. A wide multitude of bands and solo artists but all live performances.

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