The Friday Fives

1. What’s the best cereal?

I don’t eat much breakfast cereal nowadays and if I do it is some sort of multi-whole-grain muesli kind of thing.

But in my cereal eating days, I really dug “Golden Grahams.”  Just enough crunch to milky sogginess.

2. If you could de-stress the nation by saying only one thing, what would you say?

The titles to my soon to be completed best selling business tomes:

Volume One:  “Chill The Fuck Out!”


Volume Two: “Get Your Shit Together!”

3. What’s your ‘HOLY SH!T IT WORKS!’ moment?

I look at this question as a validation of a life hack that I use.

It’s this – eat your Cheetos from the bag with chopsticks – still yummy but no cheesy powdery goo on your fingers.

4. Who would you call if you caught bigfoot?

Who I always call, Julie.

5. Which scar on your body tells the best story?

My five-year-old self running through the glass part of a storm door headfirst and cutting up my face and hands.  Four scars that are still quite visible 50 years or so later.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Hmmmm. Depends on the day. I do like some Cocoa Krispies, puffed rice and chocolate, with the left over milk being chocolate milk to drink. Yummy.

    2) In the words of the wise and deeply philosophical En Vogue, “Free your mind and the rest will follow.”

    3) I YouTube so many life hacks it is hard to pin down one of those moments as they have become everyday.

    4) National Enquirer. Cha Ching.

    5) Hmmm, I have a glass door childhood story with big scars on my shoulder. But the faint and almost undistinguishable scar on my scrotum harkens back to being impaled by a 5′ bar of cold hard steel, bruising the jubilees and missing making me a human popsicle by an inch and a half and hitting my pelvic bone instead, stopping a much deeper and organ-scrambling experience.

  2. 1) Fruity Pebbles are delightfully disgusting.

    2) It’s so simple, follow the words of Bill & Ted, be excellent to each other.

    3) Mr clean magic eraser. That fucking thing is magic!

    4) I’m with Tony in this one. Whichever media outlet comes up with the most $$$. I got student loans man.

    5) My scars are mostly deep and emotional, so they don’t show on the outside.

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