The Friday Fives

On Jeopardy, we would call these questions “Pot Pourrie”

1. If you could ask Donald Trump one single question and get an absolutely straightforward honest answer, what would it be?
Hey, have you ever actually read a book, a real book, not Hustler magazine, from cover to cover?

2. What’s a common saying that annoys you?
Perception is reality. It is a common corporate leadership adage that just so annoys me.

3. What sequel was better than the original?
The Godfather Part II. There will be no room for discussion on this point.

4. Who was the last person you hugged? How long ago was that?
Nurse Lori about four weeks ago.

5. Who is the least problematic and universally beloved celebrity, in your opinion?

Tom Hanks

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Are you an asshat know nothing?

    2) I will stick with Roy’s corporate direction and go with “WE need to see you do the job to get the job.” i.e. promotions. Which is a bunch of hooey. Do more for less pay and not authority change.

    3) Aliens or the 46th President.

    4) This morning, my wife.

    5) Betty White.

  2. 1. May I slash your throat?

    2. “You only live once.” Thanks for the newsflash dipshit.

    3. “Weekend at Bernie’s II,” really brought the genre to a new height.

    4. That’s a real head scratcher, RW. I don’t remember. In related news, social distancing always felt very natural for me.

    5. Michelle Obama.

  3. 1) Have you ever gotten the shit beat outta you. Like even in grade school?

    2) It’s in gods hands. Just say you give up you fucking pussy!

    3) Empire Strikes Back

    4) The wife tonight.

    5) Martha Stuart

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