The Friday Fives

1. What’s the most cluttered spot in your home?
The dining room table. It is a magnet of a mess and the general catch-all of all things at home Nall.

2. What’s your method for decluttering?
Start with the big stuff, move the to things that can be thrown away, and then piece by piece put things away.

3. What are your favorite cleaning products?
I found this cool thing that makes a non-bleaching chlorine solution from water, salt, and vinegar that is electrolyzed. It is non-toxic and cleans anything and sanitize everything and is color-safe and safe on fabrics.

4. What helps get you motivated to clean up?
When the mess gets in the way of comfort.

5. What’s the most organized spot in your home?
Bathroom cupboard and bathroom counter. Makes the morning and evening routines go so smoothly.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) My office desk. It was tidy about a week ago, but now it is starting become chaotic again.

    2) Actually going through all the mess and dealing with it, then removing it. Usually all the mess is various stuff I put in piles or notes and such that I plan on getting to, but never do.

    3) Clorox wipes are the easiest solve for most quick clean and sanitize. I also like the Magic Erasers. They really are voodoo cleaning magic.

    4) When it becomes too much for me to take, that usually means everyone else is starting to arrange an intervention on me.

    5) Nothing really in our current home is organized due to the constant disarraying activities of our kids. So, it’s our Buena Vista home.

  2. 1. Without a moment of hesitation, my desk is the most cluttered. I hate clutter but have always permitted my workspace to be messy. Only I need to know what is there and why. The clutter helps me remember where I left off on unfinished tasks .

    2. By avoiding clutter in the first place. I’m a big adherent to the “touch it once” school of thought–if you can just get it done now, then do it now.

    3. Tony is right, Magic Erase sponges were a real game changer. So I’ll go with Blue Coral automotive carpet and upholstery cleaner. You have to get it at an automotive store, but it’s a secret weapon for removing rug and furniture stains on pretty much any type of surface. Living with a vomiting pet has taught me a few tricks.

    4. Shame.

    5. The booze table.

  3. 1) I have a table that is my study spot and it is cluttered af!

    2) I tend to purge and throw out most of the stuff.

    3) A cleaning lady. Seriously there’s this o I cleaner with peroxide. It’s pretty bad ass.

    4) The wife yelling at me? Or company coming over.

    5) Bedroom. I like it a certain way. No clutter, no distractions, a routine sleep zone.

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