The Friday Fives

1. Have you ever been in or caused a car accident?
Yep. My sister rear-ended me while moving her from Greeley to Denver. And I clipped a bumper on an icy road down by Park Meadows mall once December but there was no discernable damage.

2. Have you ever had a happy accident?
I live life generally with no solid plan and rely on luck and whimsy. Most of life is a happy accident.

3. Have you ever done anything ‘accidentally on purpose’ and regretted it?
I think this counts. In Microsoft Outlook the key combination [ctrl] + [enter] will send an email – nice keyboard hack to have in your back pocket. However, in Microsoft Skype, the same key combination [ctrl] + [enter]will initiate a voice call. I have called more than my share of folks accidentally.

4. Do you think the kitchen or the bathroom in your house has seen more accidents?
In my house, the kitchen by far. My bathroom is a minor surgery and er center for most cut finger trauma care from some kitchen accident.

5. Do you believe nothing happens by accident but rather by destiny?
In the words of Malcolm Nance, it takes aa lot of planning for a coincidence to occur. I am not a big believer in destiny.

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Yup I’ve been crashed into several times in the ambulance. And I rear ended someone in my own car.

    2) not yet.

    3) Not that I’m aware of.

    4) Kitchen for sure. More sharp knives in there and burn hazards.

    5) Destiny is a lie.

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