Friday Fives

1. What’s the worst potato chip flavor you’ve ever tasted?

That’s a tough one as I really like potato chips.  But probably the worst was was a beef German sausage flavored bag of chips.  Something was just not right.

2. The weirdest thing that happened to you this week?

Started working from home managing a 70 seat call center virtually.

3. What’s the best bad decision you ever made?

Going to work at Transameric – way in over my head, no training, pay cut, but I genuinely like my job

4. Best song for the apocalypse?

REM’s End of the World is too obvious.  Going to a bit more obscure – Dirty Blvd -by Lou Reed.

5. You have been appointed Gosh, God’s assistant for smaller, less serious everyday business. What are some of your policies and if necessary, how do you explain them to/conceal them from your boss?

Gosh has the power to clean up after people is a snap.  But hide it, the clean up only last for about a week – so there is a good chance God will miss it. 

One Reply to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Either sadly or smartly I’m not willing to ruin the chip experience by trying something that I believe would be repulsive.

    2) I started to complete grad school on line. This is very odd for me.

    3) Grad school. It will pay off in the end but right now it’s really rough.

    4) Dead Mans Party – Oingo Boingo

    5) Gosh minimizes the number of beverage spills globally. Nobody notices.

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