The Friday Fives

1. What thing should never be mentioned in a job interview?
That time when I was on that month-long coke binge and spent all my time jacking 7-111. I thought of it as effective project management of a process that had a good return on the dollar. Very few recruiters seemed to agree.

2. What is the silliest thing you have heard people say about you?
I am cocky. Lord, it is so the opposite, and least inside my head.

3. What hobby/activity/anything would be a lot cooler if you added “but with fire” at the end?
Archery hunting. Venison on fire – comes to the table precooked.

4. What job is a bad idea to do from home?
Generally any of the surgical sciences and practices.

5. What is a weird food combination you really enjoy?

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) How you believe in taking 30 minutes at work to poop because by the end of the year it’s 7,500 hours of time they paid you to poop!

    2) Im tech savvy. Only if we’re comparing to someone’s grandparents maybe.

    3) Golf. A flaming ball would be super cool!

    4) Enriching uranium.

    5) Raisins in grilled cheese.

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