The Friday Fives

1. Would you rather have the unpredictability of live theatre or the predictability of a movie?
I do enjoy live theater and have become very complacent in having the entertainments just come to me on the glowing big box. I should take more advantage of the live theater in Denver – from the professional to the many university programs and even amateur productions. Last fall we saw an amazing production of the “All That Jazz” down in Castlerock performed by a high school troop that was better than most collegiate programs I have seen. The show was full of satisfying surprises.

2. Do you prefer the symphony and/or opera to a live band or the other way around?
I’ve never seen live opera. I do love a good live bluesy band. Live symphony can be hit or miss.

3. When you go to a museum, where do you head first?
At the Denver Art Museum, I get a lot of satisfaction from the pre-Columbian and Latin American art collection.

4. Would you prefer a pub crawl or a sampling of beer or wine in one restaurant?
Pub crawl. There is something to be said about the satisfaction of some day drinking from place to place to place.

5. When you visit a new place, what is the first thing you like to visit – something recommended by a travel agency/travel book or something recommended by a friend?
I like friend’s advice and ideas from the local alternative newspaper for ideas of where to go and what to do.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Currently I need the predictability of TV and the joy of a DVR. I rarely find the time to watch shows when they air and only get to catch up here and there.

    2) I like a good symphony with a band, Metallica with the San Francisco symphony is a great sound.

    3) I’m a nerd. I want to see and read every single plaque or description. I do this on road trips too if we stop and there’s a plaque I wanna take the time to read it.

    4) I don’t drink so I’d rather a extensive app tour from a chef at one good restaurant.

    5) Friends advice or self discovery by aimless wandering.

  2. 1. In theory I prefer the surprise of live theater. However, there is so much excellent film and television being produced around the world that I find huge elements of surprise in it. So I think both have the capacity to surprise us.

    2. I prefer the casualness of a live band. I don’t feel badly if I don’t like or understand a band’s performance. With classical and opera, one usually needs a prior understanding of the work and it’s context to really appreciate it. I’ve been to many operas and symphony events, but still prefer the American casualness and egalitarianism of a band playing its heart out.

    3. It depends on the museum. I’ve visited some museums to see a single thing. For example, visiting the Reina Sofia in Madrid, I was among the first in line for admission and had studied the gallery map. Upon entry I made a beeline to Guernica and had the gallery to myself for about ten minutes. Otherwise, I go through exhibitions in the order they are presented, and then double back to see things a second time.

    4. Pub crawl. Feel like doing on this afternoon RW?

    5. I start to wander until I get lost and a little scared. Exhilarating.

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