The Friday Fives

1. Go to your playlist and hit shuffle, the first song that plays will describe the rest of the year 2020. What will your year be like?

“I’m Waiting For The Man” – Velvet Underground.  This was a cover of a David Bowie song that is about waiting for your dealer to show up with the drugs.  That being said when I process the term “waiting for the man” I equate that to waiting for the bus – so for the next year at least, I’ll be trucking to the light rail station on the good ol’ #21.

2. What is the LEAST annoying song to get stuck in your head?

The theme song to the old-school television show “Bonanza.”  Really, tell me that is not a bad ear worm to get stuck in your head.

3. What song would you choose to play during the end of the world?

Well, the REM song of the same name seems a bit too obvious and perhaps too upbeat. I think I’ll go with “Vader March” from “A New Hope. (Speaking of “A New Hope” can we talk about the new Star Wars movie?  I fell asleep  in the theater watching it yesterday.  Was it good? An afternoon nap mid film is not a good sign but then again I was kind of hungover.

4. If each brand had an honest slogan, what would some be?

JIF peanut butter:  “It’s peanut butter with lot’s of sugar – that’s why you like it.  (Mom’s buy it because their kids like it.  Kid’s like it because it is sandwich crack.)

5. You’re allowed to choose one movie and keep just one actor, the rest are replaced by muppets… what movie do you choose?

William Holden stays – “Sunset Blvd.”

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  1. 1) I don’t have a playlist. I’m lame. But I think I’d like my song to be about kicking ass in school and passing my exams. (See previous statement about being lame)

    2) Heart, Barracuda

    3) Some sort of bagpipes, they can make any somber moment more.

    4) Gold bond medicated powder, it feels like the underside of your ball sack ate a handful of Altoids!

    5) First Blood, John Rambo stays.

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