The Friday Fives

1. Oil is found in the moon. What happens next?

Let the space wars begin! It would be China, Europe & the US in a bitter three way. Thankfully though, the moon us made of cheese.

2. A fuel-driven economy is no longer necessary – what would be the first thing to change in such a world where fuel concerns no longer matter?

Goodbye to all that money going to Israel and the middle east. And perhaps a gleaning of world peace.

3. If researchers revealed that it was too late to stop climate change and that we “should’ve turned the car off 20 years ago.”, what would be your reaction?

I ride a train, and I save water. I fill up gas about every 6 weeks. I’d probably be okay with no cars.

4. Crayola is launching a new brand of adult crayons, what are the new names for colors?

Penis Purple. Acne rose, Vomit.

5. What did you do today that would make Mr. Rogers proud?

Smiled and said hello to my bus riding neighbor.

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Well all I can say is thank god Donald Trump has the vision to creat a Space Force just for such an occasion. What vision that stable genius has.

    2) Again thank goodness for the brilliance and leadership of the greatest president we’ve ever seen, possibly could ever hope for, Donald Trump, by making relationships with foreign dictators about real estate not oil and gas he has saved us from the economic collapse when fuel is no longer an issue.

    3) I’d say climate change is not real like my great leader, Donald Trump says, fake news! And I’d go get a spray tan.

    4) greatest president ever orange,

    5) I belittled the poor people standing at the bus stop with their groceries. Mr. Rogers may not agree but in my effort to MAGA I told them to go back where they came from. Someday when we get rid of all the brown people and yellow people and I can actually say merry Christmas without getting persecuted for it then even mr Rogers will have to recognize that Donald Trump is the most beloved president in history or possibly all time!

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