The Friday Fives

1. What’s a sketchy cheap buy which ended up being one of your best purchases.

Well, this is a very recent purchase  On Amazon Prime Day in July, sight unseen, I bought a queen-sized bed mattress,  for less than $250.00. I haven’t slept better in years.  

2. What car would you buy from any era if you had 20k bucks?

I have always had a love/lust affair from one of those super lush Bugattis from around the 1920s.

3. You have won $100,000,000 in a Lottery, Only Catch is you can ONLY buy things that start with Your First Name Initial, What are you buying?

R – should be pretty simple. hmm.  The Rocky Mountains?

4. You would be rich if you had a dollar for every time what?

This is unfortunate to admit, but hardly a secret.  Picking my nose. I’d be a trillionaire.

5. What is your go-to phrase to low-key piss someone else off?

I stole this from Jim Ward from The Stephanie Miller Show, but it is perfect.  “It’s not patronizing,  it’s condescending – there’s a difference.” 

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) My current house. Bought at the bottom of the market and it was some dead guy’s house and not in the best shape…now it is better and worth triple…so boom!
    2) A Tucker from the ’40s…crushed by the big companies for being ahead of its time, they had cool features and I could sell it for a couple mil when i’m done with it.
    3) A train, a tram and tiara…princesses likes to travel in style.
    4)Hurt myself, banged my head, wounded myself or otherwise hurt my body without even knowing it.
    5) Shame on you.

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