Friday Fives

1. Add Fukin’ to any band name. Which band escalates from 0 to 100 the fastest.

Fukin’ Dokken! ?

2. What’s your “I fuked up” moment?

I am so clumsy and sometimes just obtuse so there are many, but generally, I would say the entire 8 month Viasat ordeal.

3. What’s your “Here just take my fukin’ money!” product or service.

Xfinity. I just can’t seem to unplug.

4. What’s a simple fukin’ thing to do that people just don’t seem to understand?

I am a broken record on this, but Jesus Fukin’ Christo, people – use your blinkers!

5. What’s the fukin’ deal?

The only thing that I can figure is on 11/8/16 our nation suffered from a temporary psychosis. I mean really. Donald Trump was elected president. I am still stumped.

3 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Fukin’ Tool
    2) Probably a number of kiddo moments. As a parental unit, there are many I fuk’ed up times.
    3) New tech shit.
    4) STFU…me first.
    5) Entitlement…just work a second or two before you think you deserve more pay or a lofty title.

  2. 1) Fuckin’ Prince!
    2) Fuck! Pick one, I’ll go with could t have just shut the F up n got along with the fire department for ten fuckin’ days a month for a six figure job and great benefits.
    3) Cable fuckin’ tv.
    4) 70 GD degrees is not freezing you fuckin’ pansies!
    5) The deal is you jump through the right hoops and you’re set for life, just gotta figure out where and what those fuckin’ hoops are.

  3. 1) Fukin’ Tool
    2) I have kids, so my fuk’d up moment are many and varied. No college fund for them, only a therapy fund.
    3) New smart tech.
    4) It is easy to fukin’ STFU…i’ll go first.
    5) What is the fukin’ deal with white middle age Americans? I’m one and I don’t wanna be like the majority right now.

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