The Friday Fives

1. What profession doesn’t get enough credit or respect?
I know it sounds cliche’ but I say it is those emergency first responders. We take them for granted. But look around at the myriad of maladies that we face – those folks need more respect (and I admit, they get a lot – but really, more is probably apt..)

2. What’s a good sign someone has a wholesome personality?
I like folks to talk about incidents in their past and ask follow-up questions – very soon into the conversation it will be apparent whether they are telling lies, which then shows if they are wholesome or not.

3. You hear a knock on your door. You open it and in front of you is a naked Danny Devito. What do you do?
The first step, towel. There is one on the laundry room door right by the front door. Danny will need a towel. The second step, we sit on the couch and share a beer. The dude has some stories. So many stories. Let’s get Danny talking.

4. What is the sexiest instrument?
The tenor saxophone. Duh. Proof? All those Yacht Rock one hit wonders.

5. The last meal you had will now be used to stop a bullet. How dead are you?
Pretty dead. I ate some Ethiopian. Lentils, roasted potatoes, and injera bread will stop no bullets.

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