The Friday Fives

Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey (circa 1828)

1. What’s the most annoying thing about your parents?

Not a lot, really.  I am taken by the premise of Cheap Trick and their song “Surrender” where they talk about how the parents get stoned, neck and listen to their children’s KISS albums when the kids are away.  That’s kinda the June and Jim show, perhaps minus the KISS and probably any nookie as octagenarian-prostate driven maladies probably forsake that.

2. Who’s someone everyone forgets is still alive?

Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner?  And get this, they still hang out together every day.  Since both of their wives past away, they meet each day, watch Jeopardy and eat dinner.  That’s sweet.

3. What is the most useless body part of a human?

The uvula – that dingley thing at the back of your throat which is trying to gag me and kill me throughout each day.

4. What’s your favorite way to find new music?

Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist.  I have stumbled upon some really fun gold.  Although the jukebox at Milo’s has provided us with this new ditty as well:

5. The last thing you googled is your weapon against a serial killer. What is it?

“How to Make Earl Grey Tea Infused Gin”

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