The Friday Fives

1. Where’s the worst place you’ve thrown up?

Maybe not the worst place, but still a good story.  In Gunnison, in college – they have very, very wide streets to accommodate all the winter snow and facilitate its removal.   One night, driving from a “townie” bar, quite, quite drunk, heading up the 5 or 6 blocks back to my dorm I was so “in my cups” that the process of being in a moving car sent my stomach off.  While still driving, I moved towards the side of the road – still driving – and opened my door and hurled, holding the car door open with one hand and negotiating the snowy/icy street with the other hand on the steering wheel. Not my best moment. 

2. What’s your worst allergy?

I can usually get a sinus infection at the drop of pollen in the air.  I have been lucky over the last few years, but still  – I tend to skip the colds and move right to a sinus infection. 

3. What’s the worse cold/sickness you’ve experienced?

When I was 27 years old I caught the chicken pox while on drill with the army reserves and was subsequently bedridden for 3 weeks, including what the doctor described as chicken pox pneumonia which presented with pox on the inside of my lungs. 

4. When you’re sick, what’s your go to comfort food?

Cream of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich.

5. When it’s infected, do you hate the swelling or the itching?’

I don’t mind the swelling – who does. But I don’t care for the itching.

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  1. 1) There Once was a time when I rode in the back of an ambulance and got car sick driving to cimmeron past blue Mesa. Pulled up barfed a second time, got to work then I drove a different ambulance back.

    2) shellfish and I have an agreement. I don’t eat or touch them they don’t kill me.

    3) I had the shits so bad once that I had a friend come over start an IV on me and hydrate me with IV fluids.

    4) Mac & Cheese.

    5) That itching has got to go!

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