Friday Fives

1. What is a product/service that you can’t still believe exists in 2019?

Phone booths and prepaid long distance phone cards.

2. What was common in 1999 but is unusual in 2019?

Answering machines and caller ID boxes that you rented from the phone company.

3. What is debunked but people still belive in?

The moon landing(s).  Look people it happened.  From my neighbors front yard as a boy in the early 1970s, we could aim a telescope up to the moon and see them up there with our own eyes.  Science!

4. What instrument would you like to hear more of in modern music?

The French Horn.  Yes, an electric rock French Horn. That’s what the kids need nowadays.

5. Someone stops you and offers $1 million if you can talk 1 hour without stopping or stuttering about a topic of your choosing. What do you pick to speak about?

Keep it broad to enable you to fill time.  Classic American literature. I can blather on about that for hours. (Hell, Moby Dick can last hours.)

This was completely unrehearsed and ad libbed:

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2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1. I actually saw someone this week carrying a pager. I hadn’t seen one in years. And I’m fairly certain she wasn’t using it ironically.

    2. Dial-up Internet.

    3. That TCH and Psilocybin are addictive. Neither are addictive. Both may have clinical efficacy.

    4. Theremin.

    5. How funny my cat is.

  2. 1) Land line home phones.

    2) Long distance phone cards.

    3) Holocaust denial. Go fuck yourself it happened.

    4) Bagpipes.

    5) Tales from the ambulance.

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