The Friday Fives

1. What is something every day, yet on reflection you realize you really appreciate?

The simple beauty and functionality of the intersection stop light.   It works, universally across the globe.

2. What is the greatest invention ever?

Those people mover things in airports to traverse between long ass concourses.  (Seriously, it is probably the smartphone when history comes back and assess it all.)

3. What activity in P.E were you surprised that you were good at?

Running the half mile – I was actually pretty good.  And we had this very dangerous game played on these wooden scooter things that usually ended in someone getting a foot or a hand run over – but I was pretty good at the soccer game we played on those death traps.

4. What is so traumatic and disturbing that it ruined your month or year?

11/7/2016 – the dawn of the Trumpacalypse.  I still find myself sometimes just pausing with my jaw agape realizing that somehow this country made that man the most powerful man in the word.  Stunned.

5. What is something you will only buy name brand?

Toothpaste – Crest. Always Crest.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. The Oxford comma.

    2. I’m torn between the lever and the wheel/axle combo. Each make my days little brighter.

    3. Gymnastics. Yeah. Me. Clumsy covered-with-scars-boy. I was good at most of it, even the balance beam.

    4. Growing up in Colorado and New Mexico, one of my favorite delicacies are pinon nuts. However, one bad pinon can ruin your palette for hours, and negate any joy from the preceding nuts.

    5. Sonicare brush heads. Accept no substitutes!

  2. 1) The toilet. Thank the stars for whomever came up with that!

    2) The airplane, it made the world accessible. A big metal tube of billions of parts all running on dead dinosaurs? what’s not impressive about that!

    3) Nothing, I was mediocre to ok at almost everything. The things i was not good at were apparent and no surprises were discovered.

    4) Due to the PTSD surrounding this question I shall defer.

    5) none come to mind.

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