The Friday Fives

1. Do you make up a meal/menu plan for the coming week?

Nah.  I usually just wing it.   I eat pretty simply during the week – eggs and toast for breakfast.  Usually, a small salad or cottage cheese with a dill pickle on the side – and may snack on my infamous seitan loaf that is close to summer sausage in my non-expert opinion.

2. Do you make up a grocery shopping list and stick to it when shopping?

Not usually.

3. What’s that one thing that you always buy – a go-to product you but, but never write down on a list?

Those little yellow tomatoes, I think they are called “Cherubs” or something like that.  I snack on those all day long.

4. Is there anything that you always think you are out of and come home with it to discover you already have a year’s supply on hand?

Nothing specific but usually something in the spice cabinet.  My sister says I have too much “Mrs. Dash” in the spice cupboard.

5. Do you get your groceries delivered?

No, that would be a disaster. I would never leave the house.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. To a degree. Planning breakfasts and lunches during the week is pretty easy–I tend to eat similar things from one week to the next. I usually try to cook a decent dinner twice a week, so I plan at least one of those meals well in advance.

    2. I make a list of things that I don’t buy on a regular basis. The things I typically buy I remember to get out of habit.

    3. Bananas. I usually eat one every day.

    4. Not exactly a years supply, but I have been known to buy too many condiments–ketchup, mayo, relish–and usually have them stashed in the pantry.

    5. I have before due to medical reasons, but I actually like going to the store.

  2. 1) About half and half. Laziness sometimes gets the best of me and I wing it, and the crappy food choices show that I did not plan well.

    2) I do. I like my list and since I do most the shopping for the household, I even make the list in the order of how thee store is laid out. And to think, I am not OCD or anything.

    3) Tomatoes. My wife and I each each a tomato with our egg whites in the morning, so always in the need of those. Plus, you just can’t buy too many or they go bad, so it is a constant store pickup item.

    4) Rice or pasta. I always pick some up and that is why I always have a large supply in the pantry.

    5) Nope.

  3. 1) wing but and that’s part of my problem.

    2) I make a list then get extras.

    3) seems like I’m always buying baby spinach. That stuff gets used up quick in our house.

    4) ketchup, my wife puts that shit on everything.

    5) no I like to people watch at the store.

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