Friday Fives

It’s Superbowl weekend and the Patriots have returned yet I couldn’t care less.

1. What is the first Superbowl halftime show that you remember?
I can’t remember the year nor the teams playing but I do recall several different years watching the halftime performance of “Up With People!” My mom was a big fan of the “The People” and we watched them every year. I wasn’t much of a football fan until I was in college in Gunnison.

2. As a young child, do remember any family Superbowl rituals?
My dad and uncle Don would usually watch the game together. I am pretty certain I was down the street at the skating rink and ice skating on a cold January day.

3. Is football still relevant? Will it be a thing in 20 years from now?
Due to CTE, I am feeling bad about my enjoyment of the game – it is so violent but there is so much money and marketing behind the sport I don’t see it going away any time soon. I do like watching college basketball as well as men’s soccer on television but not with the passion of watching football.
Yes, it will be a thing in 20 years – but probably not in the form we are watching now.

4. What is a good replacement national gathering for Superbowl mania?
This, Sepak takraw Asian foot volleyball:

5. What is your favorite football movie or tv episode?
The Thanksgiving “Friends” episode when they play football in the park.

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  1. 1) The only one I truly remember is the one with Prince. Sure I recall snippets or things that happened, the Timberlake incident, but the only one I truly remember, Prince.

    2) no rituals come to mind. I was probably off playing hockey somewhere and didn’t catch much of the game.

    3) Not to me. I just watch for the commercials.

    4) Every two years the Olympics.

    5) “The Program”, with James Caan.

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