The Friday Fives

1. Following the logic of Peter Parker getting bitten by a radioactive spider and becoming Spiderman, what’s the best radioactive animal to get bitten by?
Well, let’s see. We have Antman, Spiderman, Black Panther, and I am sure a host of others. How about being bitten by a radioactive wasp and have the powers to fly as quickly as those pesky pests do and give a sting as your power (Is this the basic premise of The Green Hornet? If so, can I have Bruce Lee as my faithful sidekick to help kick ass?)

2. Blade Runner(1982) takes place in 2019. What technologies from today would seem like science fiction to people from the year 1982?
First, I must say, one of my favorite films. That said, let’s postulate, what do we have now that would wow? Probably the ubiquitous cell phone/smartphone. That’s some pretty advanced technology right there.

3. You have unlimited funds and are tasked with reducing crime. You can’t spend any money on the police. What do you spend it on?
Universal basic income. Everyone gets $20,000 grand a year and they can supplement that with whatever job they want/need. Economic issues are the cause of most crime.
Sociology folks. Look it up.

4. Other than your usual clothes, what’s something you feel naked outside your house without?
A wristwatch. It may be a generational thing but for most of adult life I have worn a watch and it is weird when don’t have one.

5. What’s the one job that robots must not be allowed to take over?
Bread baking. When done by machines, it sucks, but when homemade, it is divine.

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) cockroach. those things can live anywhere and through anything (e.g. nuclear war.)

    2) streaming on-demand services. Back in ’82, we would go to the video store, rent a machine and the tapes if we wanted anything on demand.

    3) Pop up drug kiosks, similar in theory to the the little libraries all over the place. And full of free drugs, always. This would also help cull the herd with some natural selection. Too soon?

    4) Shit gets real sketchy, real quick when I don’t have my wallet or my wedding ring.

    5) Massages. Those stupid chairs and tables that are automatic suck.

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