Friday Fives

The Consumer Electronics Show starts next week. In that light:

1. What is an electronic gadget/technology that you can’t live without?
Probably my smartphone, with my kindle as a close second.

2. What is an electronic gadget/technology that you can do without?
Radar detector beat speed traps – no need for one. I rarely speed and rarely, rarely get pulled over. I don’t need this gadget and for those of you who know me, passing on a gadget is a big deal.

3. What is your favorite gadget
Our apartment is now in mourning over the death of our coffee air roaster. After nearly decades of use – the Fresh Roast 2 is no longer made and we are desperately searching for a replacement, which, as I understand it is on back order.

4. What needs to be invented but hasn’t
Any of the excellent technologies portrayed in the Jetsons. (Flying cars, robot maids, auto grooming/dressing station. Also, I wouldn’t mind a Star Trek transporter.

5. When did you get your first cell phone?
1999 – a Qualcomm from Sprint. And one day, I left it on the bus. Sad. Then months later I got a job at Nextel and they provided a free phone and service. In fact it wasn’t until 2016 that I had to actually pay for cellular service. Those were the days.

3 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) My laptop or desktop. It is where I can get the most work done and it helps me pay the bills, both metaphorically and literally. My phone, well I would love to see a world without mobile phones.

    2) Since it wasn’t specified that it be my electronic gadget, I will say a dildo.

    3) I am enjoying my new smart home stuffs and things. Have minis all over the place, smart plugs and light bulbs, Nest cameras and thermostats. Google knows more about me than I know about myself.

    4) Affordable saltwater to fresh water converter.

    5) I had a cellular phone in my car in 1994, it was awesome and so futuristic. Big box mounted under the passenger seat, handset in the middle and a hands free mike wired up near the visor. Think it cost the company I was working for about $500 for the phone and installation.

  2. 1) Definitely smart phone and Kindle.

    2) vape thingies. Seriously just dumb.

    3) The DVR feature on tv systems. What a treat to not have to watch a show when it airs and instead watch it when it’s convenient for you.

    4) a cost effective and clean energy source.

    5) ’96 or ’97? No idea.

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