Friday Fives

1. If you were an alien visiting Earth where would you visit first
Wow, I get to play a role of an alien visiting Earth! Cool. Where would I go? From space, there are all these areas of large densities of light – visiting one of those, perhaps one of the densely populated areas in Asia, probably South Korea which looked at from space is very lit up.

2. How would you get here and how long would it take?
Well, I am an alien in space – I suppose I can now invent whatever kind of transportation conveyance that I want – I would fly down in a UFO that looks mysteriously a lot like the flying car used on the Jetsons.

3. What would you do or say when you got here?
I would attempt to understand the reason for all of the glowing orbs.

4. What would be your best judgment about Earth and what would be your worst judgment about Earth?
We tend to ignore the ocean. There is only so much land – but these creatures exist above all this water. What is down there that is so scary.

5. What would you look like?
See the picture above.

One Reply to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Vegas. I could explore, evaluate and blend in. Plus comps at the buffets!

    2) I would fly in a solar radiation powered ship. Park just on the other side of the moon and beam down to the surface.

    3) I would take in a show, have some good food, score with some of the locals and then go home and tell all my friends.

    4) Geeze for a bunch of flesh sacks you certainly fight over stupid shot a lot of the time. Why don’t you get over it already?

    5) To the people I would look something like Wayne Newton, of course it’s a disguise! You can’t go roaming the planet looking like my normal self!

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