The Friday Fives

1. What do you feel like you’re missing out on?
I generally have a pretty good life and don’t feel like I am missing much. There are parts of the social sphere that I don’t understand and may be missing things. Recently I went down to the area behind Union Station in Denver, the RINO area and I think I missed this – that area is unrecognizable. I think I missed the message that seems to have been sent to nearly everyone in the country to move to Denver about three years ago. The growth I get, but what is feeding it, I think I am missing out on that.

2. What are some interesting life hacks for saving money?
Cook at home and take your lunch to work based on leftovers – you will save a fortune. Cooking is so easy and keeping a pantry of staples so you can just reach in and start cooking is easy too.

3. What’s the worst purchase you ever made?
The eight-track tape player I bought last year? Kidding aside, I can’t think of any major big purchase things. Things I buy that I find I don’t want or perhaps even regret I tend to give to my sister or my parents as hand me downs – usually techy stuff.

4. What’s the best purchase you ever made?
My 2008 Hyundai. Going on 11 years old – all paid for and runs like a dream with low miles still on it. Love that thing.

5. What products/services are extremely overpriced but we pay for anyway?
Apple products. Like Bose, they are mostly marketing. My laptop runs Linux and works and looks so much like an Apple Air you could be fooled if it weren’t for the branding. The Android operating system has matured to such a point that there is nothing an iPhone can do that an Android can’t.

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  1. 1) Time spent with my wider group of friends. Im iss those days, but live does get busy and changes constantly.

    2) Do some of your own car maintenance. Change you own oil, change you air filter, replace your wipers. Like cooking at home, it’s super easy and does not require much mechanical knowledge. My all-synthetic oil changes used to run me $80-$100 each time. Now, under $30 and less than an hour of my time. The more intense maintenance becomes easier to pay for this way.

    3) I bought a Samsung laptop for my wife and the system died after a couple years and right after the warranty. Couldn’t get the system to restore for anything. $1000 out the window. But after sitting on it for five years or so, I redeemed it by installed Linux for free and turning it into a lovely web computer.

    4) My two properties have proved to be great investments. Of course, this is not at all due to my insight. I just couldn’t sell one of them during bad economic times and I had to buy a bigger house at the same time. So I bought at the lowest time and have rented one, The wait has proved them to both be assets for my retirement.

    5) I echo Apple. I do love my Apple computers. I used to build Windows machines, but who has time or the need for that. Apple computers are great, but phone and tablets can just be Android systems for less.

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