The Friday Fives

1. What was the best compliment you ever received?
I recently returned from a college reunion and everyone said I looked great – I’ll take it.

2. What are your five best talents?
I am a great left-hander
I can usually craft a pretty quick witty punchline
I make great homemade bread,
I don’t get lost
I write pretty good introductions to stories – no real story but intros, I got those nailed. I once said that my dream job would have been to write that opening scene at the beginning “Law and Order” where random strangers usually find a dead body and then Lenny shows up and delivers a zinger and then the the opening sequence rolls.

3. What do you wish most people knew about you, and why?
I am clumsy and yet quite nimble.

4. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far, and why does it mean so much to you?
I have many I am proud of. Graduating college, completing my army service and being a first runner-up in the Miss Sweden contest.

5. If you could achieve anything in your life, what would it be?

Solve global climate change and environmental warming. It would be cool to make the earth cool-er.

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) I had a patient thank me for being kind and understanding. For explaining what was going on, what was going to be done and what to expect during their care. That felt nice.

    2) Saying out loud what a majority of people are thinking but know better than to say out loud.
    Getting out of control or angry patients to cooperate with care when they really don’t want to.
    Sitting and watching tv all day even when there is nothing good on.
    I can eat a large popcorn without any help. The big tub not the bag!
    Making a snarky or sarcastic remark for almost any situation.

    3) I’m actually quite emotional. “Just because I rock doesn’t mean I’m made of stone.” – Hank Evans

    4) Doing well after going back to school, lets see if this shit can pay off!

    5) Finishing the masters program I’m trying to get into and beginning a new career right before my 50th birthday would be epic!

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