Friday Fives

1. It’s the end of banned book week. What banned book have you read?
“Lolita” Don’t let the skeevy premise of the book make you avoid it. This is one tome of the cannon of “Great American Novels,” an allegory for the pursuit of the great American dream bounced against the improbable hint of evil beyond every horizon. And the sentences are fantastically crafted. Nabokov is an exceptional writer.

2. What famous book do you think is overrated?
The easy answer is the bible but I am going to go with “The Hunger Games” Sure it’s an ok movie but I tried to read the drivel until I realized: “Hey, I’m not a 12-year-old girl, and put it down. Not a well-written book.

3. What is your ultimate must-read book?
Never ask a literature major to name just one book! Not fair. I will go with a book I have read several times and still enjoy – “The Stand” by Stephen King.

4. What would a famous book be called if their titles were just summaries of their plots?
“Huckleberry Finn”
“The Boy Who Went Down The River And Met A Runaway Slave.”

5. What should I read next?
I am re-reading “Moby-Dick” for the third or so time and still enjoying it and taking something new away from it. I highly recommend.

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Hmmm, Quite a few back in my school daze. Catcher in the rye?

    2) Dune by Frank Herbert. One of the most boring books I have ever read.

    3) The Stand is also my go to. I have the two versions of it and have read it many times.

    4) Huckleberry Finn or Catcher in the Rye Down South.

    5) The latest book by Stephen King and his son.

  2. 1) I wish. All I’ve been reading is University Physics third edition.

    2) I tried to read “The Siund and the Fury” by Faulkner. It’s quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever read. I got halfway through it and literally threw it off a highway overpass out the window of an ambulance. Just absolute drivel!

    3) There are lots of books that I love. I think the must read book goes back to before you’re old enough for “The Stand”. I would go with “Where the Red Fern Grows”

    4) The Sound and the Fury- nonsensical, rambling with no direction or discernible plot written the way southern people talk.

    5) Pacific is a great book. If you gave a chance give it a read.

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