Friday Fives

This Friday Five is brought to you by Hurricane Florence:

1. Have you ever experienced a hurricane firsthand?
Nope. Safely ensconced in the landlocked and high altitudes of Denver.

2. Have you ever experienced outside heat over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celcius)?
This summer we had a few days where it hit 103 or so. I grew up in a mountainous desert and there are parts of the county where it is so hot and arid in the summer that you just never go there.

3. When and where was the coldest temperature you have ever experienced?
60 degrees below zero in Craig one particularly nasty winter. The town, however, didn’t shut down, although I do believe they did close school because the water and sewer pipes froze.

4. Is your household prepared for a possible power outage of two to seven days?
No, not really. I probably have enough food and have some gas stoves and grills so I can cook stuff but I don’t have water reserves on hand.

5. Do you have a go bag?
No. I guess it is because I live in a very temperant and urban environment.

3 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. [I have a hunch that Kevin wrote these questions. . . . .]

    1. Close. I escaped Hurricane Andrew before it touched down in New Orleans–luckily catching one of the last flights out. It was eerie–the skies were a deep jade green, and it was strangely silent as the storm’s force began to absorb sound.

    2. Yes. It’s miserable. In fact the September heat we are experiencing is also miserable.

    3. My answer is the same as Roy’s. It was stupidly cold.

    4. Not even 2-7 hours. I’m a city mouse.

    5. Sure. But as an international bunko artist, it’s pretty much de rigeur.

  2. 1) Yep. Hugo in Charleston during my Navy days. Sat out Hurricane Sandy in 2012 in an 8th floor room of the W Hotel in Hoboken, overlooking the Hudson and across from Greenwich Village.. Luckily never lost power or internet, so was able to share it with folks back in Colorado. Also a typhoon in Guam way back during my Navy days.

    2) Yep. A few in Colorado. But Phoenix in the middle of summer with a 105 temp, that is not the time to play golf. Even at night the temp is over 100.

    3) Coldest actual temp was Gunnision on 1984 at -59 below zero. But adding in windchill and humidity, Chicago wins. Boot camp in 1987, middle of winter right on Lake Michagan -92 wind chill. Fuck that. It was so cold that winter that when my Dad came to see me graduate Boot hit diesel truck fuel gelled up while he was driving it.

    4) Probably. Have gone a week without power. Water runs on pressure, so good there.

    5) Nope.

  3. 1) Not yet. Not sure I’m interested in trying it out.

    2) Yes. I am way more appreciative of the dry heat in Colorado than the hot AF humid as balls heat here on the gulf coast.

    3) There were days where the temps got real cold in Gunny, but the one that sticks out in my head was in high school in Minneapolis. My dad pointed out it would be about 60 degrees warmer if we climbed into the freezer.

    4) Nope. ????Maybe I should be?

    5) No but I can grab what I need pretty damn quick.

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