Friday Fives

1. What are some modern “conveniences” that are just cash grabs by manufacturers?
Those Keurig coffee pods. They are pricey for what they are and full of landfill filling plastic. (Yes, I guiltily have a Keurig, but I use fresh home roasted coffee in a reusable stainless steel pod.)

2. What product marketing definitely has a subliminal message?

3. What products do you never cheap out on?
Knives and shoes. (Life Tip: The better the shoe (and 100% cotton socks) will help ensure you don’t have stinky feet.)

4. What websites don’t you go to anymore?

5. What is the most fucked up thing you have found in a bathroom?
Hmm. This would imply I snoop in other folks bathrooms. Well, I would never. (Although, everyone does this.) I found some pot edibles in my parent’s fridge during one visit over the holidays. Later I brought it up and apparently it helps mom sleep and Jim uses it to ease pain associated with some cancer. So what was weird at first totally makes sense now.

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1. Smart watches. I believe that for most people, they are just an expensive bracelet.

    2. Tostitos. In the logo the second and third “T” are shown eating chips and dipping them into a bowl of salsa composed of the dot on the “i”.

    3. Life is too short for cheap shoes or crappy whiskey.

    4. Excite.

    5. A homeless person living in one in NYC.

  2. 1) The home internet thingy, Alexa, google home etc. I mean seriously you already have you damn phone in your hand. Now you need a second device that is exactly the same but sits on your counter?

    2) slinky

    3) I’ve got 3, shoes and bed if either are cheap or a bad fit your gonna be miserable. The third is sunglasses, a high quality pair ain’t cheap but neither are my eyes!


    5) The number of people passed out in them that I have seen for work related reasons is frightening. In addition the numerous unconscious heroin overdoses I’ve woken up on the floor of a port-a-potty or a McDonald’s crapper is staggering.

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