Friday Fives

1. Invent a drinking game to play in the retirement home.
Pill popping Yahtzee. It requires dice, bourbon and a few bottles of your strongest prescription medications. After a few rolls of the dice and some shots of bourbon, the game ends with a viewing of Jeopardy and a nap.

2. Invent a new must-have kitchen appliance.
An automatic breakfast cooker. Kind of an all in one like this one:

3. A new fashion craze takes over the nation. What is it?
Well, duh, door answering pants. Say you at home, enjoying a day of pants free living and the doorbell rings with a delivery. Rather than scrambling to dress, you have a conveniently located pair of pants hanging on a hook by the door to quickly adorn before answering the door. This is an idea whose time has come.

4. “Well, gonna do a dance and it goes like this And the name of the dance is ” (Name the dance)
The Trump Twist. It includes covering your eyes, then your ears, then your mouth in successive order while twisting downward to the floor in agony.

5. 45s, LPs, Reel Tape, 8 track, cassettes, CDs, MP3s. Invent what is next.
An embedded subcutaneous chip that allows for the streaming of any music you desire to listen to. There is an annual fee (We have to have a subscription model to make any money) and the chip will be outrageously expensive to give it the air of being chic.

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