Friday Fives

1.  What was the biggest, bestest ever day of your life?
I was particularly proud of graduating college but I think the biggest, bestest day was successfully making it through basic training. I was never (still) the most athletic type of guy and Basic Training was really tough and graduating was one of my biggest days.

2. What was the worsted, terrible baddest day of your life?
That day, that dark, dark day when my father died. Those were some tough three weeks as he lied in hospice and the final day was the worst.

3. If your life was recorded in “A Day in the Life of” what is one thing folks would be surprised to discover?
Wow, you drink an awful lot of coffee!” (Probably not a revelation but yeah, I am deep into the caffeine, dosed into my veins all day long.)

4.  If you could expunge the record – what is the record?
I am a pretty boring guy, not a lot out there that I am immensely ashamed or secretive about. I have kept this blog for nearly 15 years and not a lot I haven’t shared already. If there is a secret record that ought to be expunged it would be my internet browsing history stored in the cloud somewhere and silently judging me.

5.  What does everyone “just know”?
I wish this was easy – something like “Don’t step into traffic” but as we experience the dumbing down of society – the list of things that every member of society just knows is a quickly diminishing list. So, to end the stalling on answering this: Everyone just knows that you need to wear a coat and gloves in a blizzard.

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1. My third birthday was one of the all time best days. My parents gave me a shiny new tricycle with red, white and blue tassels on the handlebars. I felt so empowered and rode it all day, finally falling asleep on it in the back yard. I remember my dad carrying me in one arm and the trike in another and bringing me in to bed. Oh, and there was cake. And a visit from the grandparents. A very good day for a young boy.

    2. The day my brother died. I like to think that I’m mentally prepared for what life throws at me, but his death was so shocking. It was an event that I was by no means prepared for, and that wound up having a huge impact on my life going forward.

    3. I’m not much of a talker. I’m fairly content to sit in silence or with some background noise.

    4. I’d like to expunge all of the bad things that I’ve done. (Expunge is a really fun word and I plan to use it a lot more!)

    5. I guess breathing? It seems to come easily to most folks.

  2. 1) The day I got married. I’m thinking finishing or getting into the masters program I’m busting my ass for will be a close 2nd & 3rd.

    2) I’ve had many. They all seem to blur together. Most of them are the days that friends have taken their own lives.

    3) People may not know but I cry. Like a lot at a ton of stuff. I’m very emotional. Like bordering on a little bitch crying.

    4) I’m pretty sure that the browser history is a good one for everyone of us.

    5) Water is wet, the sky is blue and women have secrets.

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