Friday Fives

1. If you were a cult leader, what are some of the things your cult would believe in?
The entire cult would be centered around creating a new utopia based on left-handedness and readily available fresh raspberries. Unfortunate right-handers who are coerced into joining the cult would be forced into a left-handed centric worldview. Lefties, by their very nature, would be elevated to positions of power in our gorilla shadow world government.

2. If you started a new sport, what would be some basic rules and the point of the game?
As a rather clumsy sporty sport sort, my new sport would be centered around marbles and those fancy Jai A Lai glove mitt things. And no base running but instead more of a dartboard style scoring system.

3. If you invented a new fiction genre, what would it be?
Left-handed presidential autobiographies.

4. If you invented a new food craze, what would be the basis?
Raspberry fritters.

5. If you founded a new country, what would one of the tenants of your new constitution?
Corporations are not people!!!!

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