Friday Fives

1. Lot’s of death and bad news this week. What’s something good that happened this week?
I’ll take an easy shot and say that the Capitals winning the Stanley Cup was some good news for the week.

2. It’s a good day when . . .
There is lot’s of fresh coffee and lots of ice in the fridge.

3. What’s the best feeling you have ever felt?
Landing at Stapleton airport on my return home from the Army and seeing my family waiting for me at the gate.

4. What cheap (< $20) guilty pleasure can turn a bad day into a good day?
A hot slice of pizza.

5. Do you have a best “Dad” joke?
Q: Why don’t you ever see any elephants hiding in trees?

A: Because they are really good at it.

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1. Melania’s lives!

    2. In the words of Neely O’Hara, “I want a doll! I want a doll!” As long as I have my dolls, it’s going to be a good day.

    3. Winning.

    4. A bottle of red wine, a hunk of cheese, and some decent bread.

    5. I am unfamiliar with dad jokes. However, I do have a rockin’ case of dad bod.

  2. 1) Volunteering at my brother’s annual Mojave Death Race. No one has ever died, but some felt like the wanted to. Something to be said for finding oneself 200 miles from nowhere in a desert.

    2) I do not have to work or answer to anyone. One spent with friends or family, too.

    3) Sex/orgasm, if i’m being honest. But the feeling ofmy son ending chemo and being cancer free is the highest on the emotional scale.

    4) Going to a movie alone, earlier in the day when the theater is pretty much empty. That is the truest of time spent alone, but with a bunch of imaginary friends and superheroes.\

    5) Did you know you need a new butt? Yours has a crack in it.

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