Friday Fives

1. It’s already June, for crying out loud! What is your earliest summer memory?
“I have some fond memories of walking to the county library and checking out books and participating in the annual summer reading program. Also some deeply ingrained memories of going to the county fairgrounds, for both the fair and for the weekend quarter horse racing. My dad was on the county’s racing commission and he usually towed me along as a kid while he was setting stuff up or taking part in running the parimutuel betting booths.

2. what’s the stupidest thing you’ve done as a kid over summer vacation?
It probably involved something we would do playing down by the creek along the creek bed Lots of hours were spent there and it wasn’t necessarily a safe place.

3. Do you have any summer traditions?
I think gathering to watch triple crown horse races at a tavern somewhere, although this year, I am way behind the curve. Either that or taking in a show at Red Rocks.

4. What did your summer look like 15 years ago?
So, hmm, 2003. This was pre-blog, pre-Gmail. I am certain there was a camping trip or two (Gunnison/Buford?) I would have been 39 years old, so no major birthday stuff that I can recall.

5. What do you hate about summer?
Paying the electric bill due to running the A/C.

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