Friday Fives

Friday Fill-in:

1. I’m mad about _____
just about everything in politics these days. As a nation, we have lost our way.

2..I’m sad about _____
the fact that Sally Jesse Raphael is no longer on the television. She was the soul of our great nation.

3. I’m numb to _____
news reports of gun deaths and shootings. It makes me mad and sad that this news is so commonplace and normalized the point that it doesn’t really affect me like it should.

4. I’m looking forward to _____
summer and some consistent weather. This year, the weather has been odd and off seasonal and I need me some consistency – snow in winter, rain in the spring, sun in the summer.

5. I always stop to look when _____
there is a little kid running around a restaurant. Usually highly cute and entertaining. Since we are as a people now taking our kids everywhere we go, we might as well take a moment to note the cute little ones.

One Reply to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) The rampant abuse of emergency rooms in our current health care model.

    2) That Firefly was a one season & done show.

    3) The homeless and their struggles.

    4) Finishing the pre reqs and getting accepted to grad school.

    5) Crossing the street, both ways regardless of one way status or not.

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