Friday Fives

What 5 albums define your choice in music?


  1.  Elvis Costello – Almost Blue.  I first heard this in the army and its mashup of classic country covers with the energy of Costello and his band was infectious at the time and led to my appreciation of the alt-country genre.
  2. Grisman and Garcia – Shady Grove.  I always had Grateful Dead music in my life from the dorms of CU Boulder and Western State in Gunnison as well as a roommate in the army who loved the dead but I was never really into them.  Then I found this gem of Jerry’s bluegrass approach that led through a back door into my appreciation of Grateful Dead.
  3. Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska. A theme album that really showcased his songwriting stripped bare to just the Boss and his guitar.
  4. Wilco – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  I think it was the movie – “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” about the making of this album and all the machinations behind it that led me to begin a long appreciation of Wilco.
  5. Big Head Todd and The Monsters – Midnight Radio.  Rare live recordings of their early days as a band and led me to appreciate bootlegs and rare tracks and live acoustic covers and recordings.


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  1. 1) First album I bought with my own money, Poco – Legend. Having had member like Timothy B. Schmidt (Eagles), Jim Messina (Buffalo Springfield and Loggins and Messina), Randy Meisner (Eagles).

    2) Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band – Didn’t find the Beatles until late high school, but I found them.

    3) Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Another Mayberry. Like Roy, BHTM gave me appreciation for finding a band early in their career and following them through. This is their first album that they released and sold thousands of albums and eventually landed them a big record deal. Still think it, along with Midnight Radio are their best albums to date.

    4) Elvis Costello – Trust. My first foray into alternative music. From there on it became a standard genre of mine.

    5) U2 – Under a Blood Red Sky. Can’t really leave U2 off my list. Picking tthis one album of theirs is a hard choice as many of their albums have taken me down many roads of musical leanings. They are alos, IMO, the last of the legendary bands. Not sure there will be any more on par with the mega bands of the past.

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