Friday Fives

1. What is something amazing that has happened in the last five years?
They have been able to cure Hep C. That is pretty remarkable. And they can’t prevent AIDS with a medication regimen.

2. What is something you would love to happen in the next five years?
The End of the Trump Era.

3. Do you make “life plans” or do you live spontaneously?
I am a pretty spontaneously living person. Lot’s of precise planning in my personal life is stressful and I have enough stress at work.

4. Do you think about what you might do when you retire?
Read a lot and move to the mountains.

5. Is your lifestyle similar to your parents, grandparents, or something utterly different?
Utterly different. I live in an apartment in an urban setting as single guy. It couldn’t be more a more stark contrast.

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