Friday Fives

1. Who is the “there’s always one” person at your work?
That “really, really super nice lady” who isn’t very smart but always smiling and needs to be reminded daily or even hourly what her job is and how to do it.

2. What was your “Holy shit. I can’t believe that actually worked.” moment?
My long “sabbatical” that landed me a pretty great job. I was able to hold out until the right job came along.

3. What was something you were super into, but not anymore?
Downloading music from torrents. I was quite the felon but with lots of streaming options and amazing libraries, like Spotify that’s no longer necessary.
In related news, Neil Young has put his entire catalog online and free to download through June.

4. What cool gadget under $200 can be life changing?
Lifesaver, maybe not but I use it a lot – I bought a vintage phone handset from Moshi Moshi years ago, more as a gag and find I use it a lot for long cell phone conversations. You can cradle the handset in your neck, old school and talk to mom for hours and hours and remain comfortable.
If not that, then a decent car GPS that can work where there is no cellular? (I travel in rural Colorado from time to time and an always available map is great.)

5. What is a dirty business tactic that you know and everyone should be aware of it?
Calling the cable company each year to get a new rate – usually works like a charm.

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