Friday Fives

1. What are your favorite mixed alcoholic beverages that don’t require soda?
I nice ice cold gin martini with a kiss of vermouth, shaken and mixed to a 8:1 ration. Served with anything in the fridge that’s cold and pickled. Hard to go wrong.

2. Do you have a New Year’s tradition?
Over the last six or seven years or perhaps more, I have stayed home for New Year’s Eve. I have spent far too many Eve’s waiting for a taxi, a bus or a train to get home. And sure there is Uber and Lyft but keep a keen eye out for their surge pricing for the Eve – it’s quite costly.

3. Do you have a funny New Year’s Eve party memory?
There was a really cold evening that involved an inadequately dressed young man waiting for the bus while carrying a wrapped gift – he has gone down in lore as Bus Guy. And this was early on in the world of first night and the dropping of the ball in Lodo followed by the running of the bulls down 16th St. mall to find a warm place to have a beer. We all still talk about that night.

4. How did you spend the New Year’s Eve in 1999?
Like it was 1969. (Frankly, I can’t remember.

5. Do you make and keep New Year’s resolutions?
I am resolving to not make a resolution this year but instead develop some rituals and habits that will last much longer.

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  1. 1. In my realm, the cocktail of the season is the Boulevardier. It is a mash-up cocktail containing bourbon, sweet vermouth and Campari. Stir over ice and serve up or on the rocks with a twist of lemon peel.

    2. Ideally, see some live music with friends, and shout out the old year and see in the new.

    3. Roy’s memory is a good one. I also have very fond recollections of New Years Eve 2006, where pretty much every one of my friends was at the Bluebird to celebrate the new year, serenaded by our good friend, Slim Cessna.

    4. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club played at the Gothic. I don’t remember the show all that well, which is probably a good sign that I enjoyed myself.

    5. I make them informally, I rarely share them with others, and some years I do well, and others I don’t.

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