Friday Fives

1. I don’t trust people who . . .
Don’t wash their hands after using the men’s room.

2. I just love people who . . . .
Use a signal in traffic to indicate what they are doing.

3. Sometimes, I just get so depressed over . . .
Trump. Really, this man is just exhausting.

4. It’s just not normal to . . .
Believe in Trump and the current state of our political processes. We’ve normalized rape and racism and hatred towards “others” and it ain’t normal.

5. I think . . . is the new normal.
An automatic driving car

One Reply to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Have a different work persona and personal persona.

    2) Step up and help someone in need.

    3) My long list of stuff to do.

    4) Not admit that voting for Trump was at least a mistake, much less a massive error.

    5) Pay for the person behind you in line’s Starbucks order.

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