Friday Fives

1. What was the high school fad that, looking back makes you say “really?”
White teen boys with long hair and these ridiculous combs hanging out of their pockets:

2. What is a current fad that needs to go away?
Open acceptance of Neo-Nazis and Racists! We are now living in a time when talking heads are talking on television about whether someone is a Nazi or a Racist. if you have to have that discussion the answer is always both.

3. What isn’t a fad but probably should be.
Polite morning rush hour driving – you know, lot’s of
“No, dear citizen, after you”
“No after you!”
“Well thank you, dear chum.”

4. What’s your “in-Fad-uation?”
Linux. I love this thing. Popping open a command line and trying to get a computer to do something. All the kids should be doing it. (And in all honesty, many are.)

5. What is the opposite of a once popular fad?
Opposite of a fad:
Fad: watching Netflix
Opposite: Reading a book.

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